May 5, 2012
Hi Lads: New rad, pump, torque converter, trans seals and gaskets, brakes, and I'm done for this year. All new rubber on the suspension and tires for next year, along with sweet sweet paint :driving:

Hope you like the pics.



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Liked the paint and rims...........LOVED the interior. Reminded me of my 1971 Roadrunner. Plum Crazy on white guts. Car's looking great Mason!!
Great potential here. Car looks nice with them wheels. Nice to see you are taking care of the issues in an oder of priority. Nothing like a good rolling restoration.
Now get out and enjoy her.
Thanks guys- my father in law and his brothers race stock cars so thank goodness I have him here, otherwise I'd still be figuring out how to pop the hood! Being a Harley guy cars were never my thing but I couldn't pass up the deal on this as I had the '80 anniversary edition when it came out. I've learned so much working with Al, and we've had a lot of fun this year "toiling away" in the garage with a cold beer! Appreciate your kind words and encouragement.

Also, put in a new torque converter last weekend>now that's definitely it for this year! (Except for the vacuum modulator hose I chaged out this week) Now the headlights pop up faster!
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