Pictures? Are they stock? Why free? Do you want to trade for a stock system? Someone will be very lucky if you are willing to trade. I believe my cat back Borla system was $1500.

Wish I could come pick them up! I would love to do something awesome such as wall art or something pretty cool with them. Want to do more interesting stuff with car parts. Anyway, I'm sure you could sell them for a price that would allow you to purchase waxes/washes/gas/whatever to help you enjoy your car even more than you do!
They are Flowmaster series 44
They came on my new car 03 C5 50th
I posted a price of $150 , with no response.
I fall over them when I go in the shop (neat freak here)
If you pm me your email I will send pics
I have no luck posting pics on the site
Hopefully someone will pic them up. I have Flow Master series 40 mufflers on my Chevelle and can confidently say they are one of the best sounding mufflers I have ever heard. Every time I take the old girl out I get complements on how it sounds.....always. If I didn't have Borlas, I would be all over this like a fat kid on donuts.

Best of luck with finding a home for them! Someone with a stock exhaust, pick these up!!!
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