Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
OK, I'm old(ish) so I've started to convert meaningless time spans to dog years in older to give them a bit more cachet (from the French meaning: "Wayne spelled it incorrectly the first time") hence the title

Weather Network says light rain next Thursday so I'm assuming they are incorrect, if in fact they have defied the odds we can simply roll it over to the next week. Or if you don't mind a wet vette I'll still meet you there.

11:30 at our normal meeting place.
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I don't know.......2 outings in one week !!

Mud St on thurs, 23 and then Manny's Coping event, sat. 25th.

Then again, why not ?? If we're counting dog years, anything can go.
Are we supposed to bring dogs ???

What an amazing day we had, festivities started off at about 10:30 as we were welcomed by the Horton's staff and given a Certificate of Recognition for our work in cluttering up the parking lot with mostly non-paying customers. If it hadn't been for all the rain I'm sure you would have seen a tear go down my cheek as I was overcome with emotion.

Later Horton's provided us with a meager if not satisfying meal in exchange for good old Canadian currency and a few pieces of lint from Tony's pocket.

Cars did we get cars?

I'll let you judge by viewing this untouched photo that was taken out the window during one of the many Calcutta like downpours. Can't be good for the grapes I heard Tony mutter


Strange day, all convertibles and all C5s, even weirder they all were white.

Now back to the meal.

Steamer (Rob) eventually arrived and started selling t-shirts to ALL the customers. Seems he accidentally ordered about 100 too many and has to sell the surplus stock so he can afford a plane ticket to eventually get back home.

He pressed Cathy into helping with the sales and after an hour or two they had managed one sale.


I cannot let this event go buy without showing a pic of Tony with his latest and greatest


A twin turbo Vibe that he uses to harvest grapes on the estate. Not only do the turbos feed the 1.1L twin but they also suck the grapes off the vine. Apparently he is going to have Manny add ultra low temp intercoolers to help with the ice wine portion of his business.

Last but not least is my view as I left the giant puddle and went homeward.


Thanks to Colin for inspiring me with the camera.

Thanks to Brian for rembering it was his turn to buy lunch, it might explain why he was there for such a short time.
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