Sep 3, 2010
2006, base
Seems ages since we've seen anyone.

Suggesting meeting at usual time next week.

Anyone interested in joining Kathy and I ??

Either location is fine; any preference re tues/wed or thursday ?

Ok, I'm overwhelmed with the spirit of Christmas so here is one last attempt at a get-to-gether before this most joyous of years ends.

How about Tuesday the 23rd at Mount Hope? That will give me plenty of time to wrap your presents and get you your car wash coupons. Will also give Rob enough time to buy a plane ticket... Riley as well.....

...and can we get some C7 people to show up?

I already have the ticket but unfortunately it's for next May. Be sure to try the spiced eggnog at Bobbies, it's very good!!!!! Have fun you guys and gals and see you in the spring!
Cheers Rob
Yes in deed. A lot of plans for the upcoming year. Can't wait for spring.
I also would like to thank Santa for the purchase of my lunch. Was a very nice gesture in deed.
We will have to do this again early next year.
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