Oct 19, 2014
1992 LT1 Convertible
I can only find pricing for 1992 Corvettes for the US market on line.
Anyone know where I can get pricing for those rare Canadian versions?

A couple weeks ago, I called GM Canada to ask them about Corvette pricing in 1992.
She asked for my VIN code but couldn't find it in her database.
It seems they only keep record for ten years.

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Our 2003 convert with 1SB & selective ride had an MSRP of $81K.

I believe our 1975 coupe was probably. $11K.
Weren't the 1984 about $28K....??? I could be wrong.
It would interesting to see the MSRP of the cars in the 90's.

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Get a hold of Colin (CCO). He may still have the window sticker to his 92 vert.

Got the sticker/BOS guys, but it's a '94 and bought in the US. at Don Allen Chev in Pittsburgh.
Just for info its MSRP in June of '94 was $47414! -- Not cheap but even more astonishing was that the ZR-1 performance option was another $30k on top of that!

I've seen prices somewhere and seem to remember that the '93 and '92 were about $1k each cheaper so effectively about $46k for a similarly equipped '93 and about $45k for a '92..........tho again those are US prices and my '94 is very well equipped.

Order the window sticker from the NCM for your VIN #.

The window sticker will have the MSRP of the car as delivered to the dealer that ordered it. If it was a Canadian dealer ordered car, the price will be in CDN. Probably be the only way to know for sure. Window sticker + build sheet costs $90US.


Would be nice if they offered us the ability to just type in our vin # and get an online version of the window sticker.

VIN Decoder can search Canadian but it does list the price in US$

C4's in the 90's, excluding the ZR1, were in the 40k-60k range, depending on model and options.
In 1993 I purchased a used 1992 triple black convertible manual shift
(I don't remember what options were available then... maybe FE3 suspension....)
I bought it in Phoenix (Arizona) and drove it home. It had 3000 miles on it.
I Paid $31K US for the car.

Here's a link to a site which has some dealer/msrp/invoice info....

1992*Chevrolet*Corvette Reviews, Specs and Prices

and here's another link with Road and Track info....
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