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Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
4.4 liter jug with one bonus liter of Mobile 1 5W30 for sale at Part Source on Circle Dr. for $38. It will be at this price until it is gone. Fyi one liter of Mobile 1 is selling for $11 (ouch).
Well, I bought it on the same deal last year, then paid a guy $30 to drain the oil, change the filter, fill the engine with dirt because it was a windy day and their bay doors were open. Then, finally fill it up with the oil I brought (there is a place that will perform this service for $15 that I was told about). I will not be doing that again, especially since I know someone with a lift, where we can control the amount and quality of dirt getting into my engine.
cmon! give the poor dude a break. Honestly, the cheapest place where I have found the syn. Mobile 1 is the "Wholesale Canadian Club" on 8th and Preston. They also sell fuel injector cleaner and Gas additive for $2.59
Which poor dude? Mike? Ohh, hahaha, you were telling the other guys to give me a break. Do you guys hear that? Mike, I'm looking at you....hahaha. Nice to know I have one person on my side.

Good to know about the whole sale club. I have never been there, but will have to check it out.
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