In 1989 a new Chevrolet Corvette was thieved off a dealer's lot. Twenty-three years later, it was retrieved with just 67 miles on the odometer. The mint-condition booty has sold for about its original sticker cost. Have you been looking to purchase or sell a new or used Ford Pickup Ranger? No? Looking to haul more butt and less suck? How about a Corvette!? If this could be you, take a look at Dasilva Motorsports!

Car stolen off lot by immigrant

The Corvette was taken off the lot by an Irish immigrant in California. He was with “associates” who were crime members he knew. They forced him to do the job and called him annually after the vehicle was put in storage to make sure he was still secure.

By 2012, the cost of storing the vehicle was $300 a month. When he first put it there in 1989, it was only $50 a month.

By the end of 2012 the crook, now back in Ireland, had dumped nearly $70,000 into storage fees -- far more than if he'd bought the car new and modified it at Dasilva Motorsports. He decided enough was enough. He contacted his lawyer to discuss his options

The time limit was already expired on the crime, meaning he did not have to be concerned about prosecution, fortunately for him.

Great car looked good

The San Diego police were contacted. They opened the storage unit and found the car coated in dust, and all of its tires flat. But under the grit was a great condition 1989 Corvette, with the sticker still on the window displaying the original cost of $39,410. The odometer showed it had only ever been driven 67 miles, making it perhaps the most cherry '89 Corvette anywhere.

Ultimately being offered

The car was taken to an automobile wholesaler and was sold to the used vehicle dealer Corky Rice in California. He posted it up on eBay, according to the LA Times, where it got a lot of interest.

Mike Robertson is an advertising executive in California who saw the LA Times piece. He said it was "like time capsuling a car for myself ... it was just a fantasy. But I believed I'd take a shot at seeing if I could get it then send it to Dasilva Motorsports for a though check-over."

Robertson had to pay just a little more than the initial sticker price, paying $39,471 for the vehicle. He offered the initial sticker price but had a little competition.

Going on a drive

The brand new owner does not plan on letting the car get dust for another 23 years. Just before he was set to pick up the vehicle, he said: "I'll drive it when I feel like it. And now that it's been tuned up by Dasilva Motorsports, I feel like driving it today, I'll tell you that."


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