Mini C8 Caravan Caught In Kentucky


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Sep 23, 2018
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We thank Andrew Biesemeier for capturing the video, taking the pictures, and also really appreciate CorvetteBlogger for bringing it to our attention and its insightful article!

CorvetteBlogger said:
Caravan of C8 Corvette Prototypes Headed North in Kentucky

By Keith Cornett
Apr 13, 2019

[SPIED] Caravan of C8 Corvette Prototypes Headed North in Kentucky

Photo Credit: Andrew Biesemeier

Some friends have been telling us that another 30 or so C8 Corvette prototypes have recently been completed in Bowling Green and now we see that camouflaged prototypes are rolling out of Corvette City.

Our friend Andrew Biesemeier of Southern Integrity Auto Transport was making a run on Thursday in Kentucky when this caravan of C8 Corvette prototypes passed him by. He was able to grab both pics and video of the encounter.

Andrew says this happened on I75 northbound just North of Lexington, KY:

Happy Thursday…three running together with an Escalade chase vehicle just North of Lexington, KY on 75N. One had sequential turn signals the others did not.

It’s interesting that the lead C8 Corvette prototype in the video is wrapped in only vinyl camoflauge while the others behind it are wearing the heavy black cladding. Here’s a couple more pics:

*Thanks Andrew!

Southern Integrity Auto Transport

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