Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
When it comes down to choosing tires for these cars, all sizes in all models are not necessarily available. I'm narrowed down to either Michelin Pilot Super Sport or the Firestone run flats. Lots of guys are happy with the Michelins and I've heard of some happy with the Firestones. Anyone have any advice/info to add. I'm not tracking the car and want some decent tire life. The Firestones have a 500 rating and are a little cheaper than the Michelins although not enough to make much difference in the final price. I will be running run flats because I have never gambled and won at anything. ;)
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I personally prefer the Michelins, mainly due to the fact that they are NOT a run flat tire (unless you opt for the ZP's). I have tried a few different brands of run flats and they all rode horrible. Moving to a non run flat tire was like driving an entirely different car. Hope that helps........ :driving:
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I put on the Michelin SS last summer and what a difference. The car is a lot smoother going over bumps and dips in the road no more jarring ride compared to the run flats and the grip is awesome......Grab the super sports you will like them

Just carry a mini compressor and plug and patch kit in the cubby hole, thats what I did.
I bought one of these new tire plugging kits but, on closer inspection, I think it may be a real trick trying to plug a tire while on the car. Not much room to work with. As I have said many times before, I have zero luck at gambling and with no spare, I WILL end up on the side of the road. :( For the most part, we are on decent roads that are not full of pot holes. I had a flat in 2012 and another last year, so it does happen. Perhaps I should have a continental kit installed on the back. Now wouldn't that look cute. :D
I do appreciate everyone's opinions and experiences with the various tires.
Goodyears for my car as I do not like the lack of sidewall bulge on the Michlin, thus no rim protection and I do not like Firestones in the past.
Just my 2 cents.
$1432 for Goodyears from tirerack
People with long memories remember the Firestone debacle many years ago. I`ve never bought Firestone but when it comes to buying run flats in the sizes we need, the list narrows down quite a bit. Michelins are a couple hundred more for a set versus Firestone. I`m in no rush so keep the advice coming. :)
The new generation of RF tires are very much improved as far as noise level .I run Michelin RF all season .I have knowledgeable friends that like Firestone just as well.
I had the Firestone RF on my car and they were great. When I changed last year I stayed with the Firestone's but went with the non-runflat tires (Wide Ovals) Difference is a touch softer and ride quality is better. Maybe next time I'll go with the Michelen's.
I have Michelin pilot sport all around. Can only compare them to the Goodyear that were on before , and the ride now is 100% better. Ask Elf, he has the same ones on his.Paid $1,300 plus installation for all four.
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