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Nov 2, 2010
Huntsville Ontario
1996 lt4
Hey fellow freinds about to store my lt4 and I'm nervous because last year I stored my h2 hummer and mice got up under the hood and chewed the liner of the firewall and they ate the battery blanket no wiring or any major damage but my car I've just purchased and it's going to sit longer than the hummer did I was only gone to hawaii for ninety days and that damage occurred...... So pls if anyone has any good ideas pls let me no what or if I can cure these little buggers before damage happens !!!!
Cheers Steve:canada:
You can put down that two sided tape all around your vehicle so they can't get to your car. I've never done that but I have friends who have.

I put a product called "The Mouse Pouch" in the engine compartment. This keeps them from eating the wires and getting into the hood liner. It's a wood/cedar mix that mice hate the smell of and it doesn't smell like moth balls. I don't put this in the interior of the Corvette but I do with my Chevelle as it has that old car smell anyway.

In the interior, I place Bounce Drier sheets so the inside of the car smells like laundry. I am not 100% sure if they work but my car was parked pretty much outside at an acreage last year and I never had any mouse issues.

Lastly, put steel wool in the exhaust opening. You don't want them making nests or dieing in there.

That should take care of any mouse issues.

:canada:Thanks for that my problem is I'm in the middle of building the garage and haven't put the three garage doors on yet ?!?!? The doors are 10x9 high so I can get my lifted vehicles in but I've now bought this car and really it's like having a thirty foot wall open!!!
Should have got these doors but the lt4 I couldn't turn down..,, I'll try your suggestions and hope for now damage !!
Thanks steve:eek:
Riley forgot one very important factor for mouse control last year. The Hunter! My cat is free to roam in and out of Riley's sheds. And this cat is turning into a spectacular hunter. I saw 1 mouse in my shop since I got the cat. The next day there was a present waiting for me at the door. Good job kitty! Also this summer I never had a mole in the yard where I mow and you can see the cat "patrolling" the edge of the tall grass evey day. Oh ya she also left a gopher in the Bobcat bucket this summer too. I am very pleased with my cat. Hopefully she continues to do good work!

just to clarify, i guess u could put the toilet pucks in the car itself but then by spring it would smell like a mustang

Really? I never knew that toilet pucks were the smell of rust.:D Or maybe they're the smell of shame and defeat.:D:D

Actually, I really don't mind Mustangs.....but you never heard that from me.

Cats work extremely good for hunting mice. Not so good for hunting deer.
Dryer sheets is what I'm going to try then !! Just afraid from last years experience but nothing was used didn't think about it who new they would cause that kind of dammage..
Cheers Steve
Thnks for advice...
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