Good one Keith. Must be some heavy springs in that posi clutch pack to light 'em up so smooth.
That is pretty good. A car video that is artistic. Who knew? :D

I had a 1970 Formula 400 that I just loved, nice to see the TA running strong.

Thanks for sharing.
In January of 77 I bought a new TA that was great car. Shortly after the movie Smokey & Bandit was released and everyone and their brother seemed to have my car. Although mine was chocolate brown.
June of 78 I got married and moved to Toronto with my wife, travelling to Hamilton and back every day. My 10 miles to the gallon just couldn't cut it ..... and no more Trams Amm.
I have no pictures of my car Doug. But I do have one of me, from about the same era. This was during some down time on a snowmobile weekend.

hahahaha, separated at birth eh brian, we both even have the dominion of canada four dollar bills !!! :rofl: i used to love sledding back then - had a 340 olympique, a 440 TNT, a 440 cheetah, a 340 ovation, a 502 gran prix special, a 2 up 488 polaris and a 550 cougar. could'nt wait for thick lake ice and lotsa snow. hell, we even had one guy in our crew that would bring a dune buggy, it was a riot sceamin' around the lake on. not anymore though, now i can't wait for it to end.
Looking a some of the pictures you have in your CCF album, I see you also had a 750 Norton Commando, I'm guessing a 72. I also had one of these. Saw more shop time than riding......
For the snow, I enjoyed a 443 SRX Yamaha. Man that thing could go.
Jane had a 340 Olympic.
Like you, spring can't come fast enough. I am really going to try and cruise the Buckhorn region this season.
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