Merry Christmas everyone! We had our Christmas on Saturday night as wife has to work today (nurse) and daughter is spending Christmas day with her boyfriend's family in Toronto. Just my son and I today. And the cat of course.
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It's my favorite time of the year .Our grown children come and go ,grand children come and don't leave .Lots of food ,gifts and laughter ,even the dog is excited .

I wish you all well
merry christmas

a very merry christmas to all my corvette brothers and sisters out there.
Yes--merry Christmas to all my "forum friends"! Did anyone get anything cool for their 'Vette for Christmas? Santa brought me some ramps!!!!
Please add my best wishes to all.

Sorry, no photos; my personal camera man has the day off !! [g].


Here you go Tony -- I'll look after you even on my day off:

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