Jun 10, 2010
South Mountain, Ontario
1987 Z51 Convertible
To all in and around Eastern Ontario

The forecast is great for Sunday, July 14th and the 13th Annual Merrickville Car Show. Last year saw literally hundreds of beautiful cars and trucks of all descriptions and years! This show is open to anyone to show off their pride and joy. Most of the local clubs are represented including the Capital Corvette Club who will have their usual spot on the banks of the beautiful and historic Rideau Canal.

Come and be amazed!

Welcome to the 2013 Merrickville Car Show
I drove by on the bike around 10.....town was a zoo. Decided to spend the day cutting my lawn and in the pool instead. A ton of Miatas on the roads! Were the Vettes across the road by the ruins as before? When I drove past, it was empty. I cleaned my car tonight and went for a spin with my wife, so day was pretty good anyway. Hope there are some pictures.

Great to meet you and Joan. It certainly sounds like you have a full summer planned! Hope you have a great time at Carlisle even if you're going 'incognito'!

We had 22 Vettes (including Valley Vette) lined up on the south bank of the Canal behind the United Church. I'm told they moved the Club there three years ago and it's become the CCC 'spot'!
You're right, the town was a zoo, the weather perfect and there were tons of great treasures on display! It's amazing to think what folks have hidden away in their garage or barn! If yesterday was any indication the 'car hobby' is alive and well in Eastern Ontario! I especially enjoyed the display of vintage fire fighting equipment.

Pictures to follow shortly!
Fire trucks were rolling in as I was riding over the bridge. I must admit, riding the road along the river beats a car show, but it would have been nice to do both. Would have been nice to meet you too, since we are pretty close.
As promised (once I figured out how to make this work)!!

July 2013 081.jpg

July 2013 082.jpg

July 2013 077.jpg

July 2013 070.jpg

July 2013 062.jpg
Damn there's some nice rides there -- and such a beauty setting -- I've got to get up that way again sometime. I'll holler when we hook up with friends in the Falls ........

Be sure to make time for some cruising!

The Rideau is nice but a run down Hwy. #2, along the St. Lawrence from Cornwall to Gananoque is very tough to beat in this end of the country!
LOL, I remember #2 very well -- even b4 they built the 401 way back......

It is a nice ride for sure -- pic-nic'd at Brown's bay many a time with Mom Dad and brother......

That whole valley is just beautiful...

Will be in touch.

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Absolutely, in fact that's exactly what Valley Vette did! Parked with the CCC members, pressed some flesh and chatted vettes! The Capital Corvette Club is a very open, friendly group that offers something for everyone!

Check out the website here!

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