Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Hey Everyone!

Just wanted to say that I had a chance to meet up with Steve yesterday at his shop and it was great talking with him and getting a chance to see his Corvette project and Viper (Great looking car). We had a really good talk and it was really interesting to hear him talk about his kits and experience with cars.
The only mistake was not taking photos for everyone but I was short on time and actually, we didn't stop talking until I had to go.
Steve, it was great to meet you. Looking forward to doing some cruising this summer.
Hey thanks Riley! I look forward to meeting a bunch of guys this summer. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing the cars too!
I'll post some tomorrow. I've owned a few mustangs turboed as well as this car and a and low rider GTP and a GTP that was turbo. Let me know what you want pics and specs off and where on the forum they belong.
A lot of us are old enough to have had many other cars in the past and loved and enjoyed many of them.

As far as I know we all respect performance cars of any ilk and love to see them all.

We always 'come home' to our true love tho: our beloved Corvettes.:D

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