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Nov 30, 2012
2010 BASE
Hi folks, if you rememember i shipped my vette to dasilva motorworks last spring (2013) for some work that included a carbon fiber (mcm) to fit over the installed edelbrock supercharger. Bottom line it didn't fit! The fuel rail covers must be removed to close the hood and although manny and his guys tried their best, the modification to the underside of the air scoop looks bad to say the least.
I think the rest of the work done by manny and his crew was brilliant but the "four grand" hood leaves a lot to be desired.
In all fairness manny has said he will try and fix the problem when i visit his shop but halifax is a long distance from bresleau.
Does anyone have a remedy for my fuel rail dilemma and a suggestion for some form of cover for the underside caulking?

E-mail me at [email protected] for photos as i can't
seem to send them with this post. Thanks in advance for any responses.
photos as received, I'll let Paul comment





Sorry to hear the hood didn't fit! That must suck and I bet Manny and the boys were quite disappointed.

With the modification to the hood, does it now fit or is there still a fitment issue? If it were me and the hood now fits, I would use some bondo if possible and finish off that area to get it smooth than paint a racing stripe or something under the hood that would cover the bondo to make it look like it was planned. Maybe a set of C6 Flags or something? Not sure, but I would probably go that route.
Thanks Wayne for posting the photos.
No Riley the hood still won't close with the rail covers in place. Thanks for the idea I will probably go to a shop that works with carbon fiber, if I can find one, to see if they have a solution to both problems.
The Edelbrock kit comes with shims to lower the engine cradle
I did say that we would we would find a solution that was more uniform . You did say that your were coming out for a visit , and I would be able to make any correction that would be needed . The offer still stands .

This is the first time that MCM hood has been used with the Edelbrock .
Hey Manny, I guess my communication skills are not so great as I did say I would like to visit your shop but I didn't say I was driving the vette up to Bresleau.
To clarify the situation to all forum members and readers the work done by your shop for me was extensive and outstanding the only glitch being the fitment of the mcm hood with the Edelbrock supercharger and the installation of the mesh grill in the hood. I will get the problem rectified and once more be a happy camper. I hope I didn't offend you by letting people know that the combination of the mcm hood and the edelbrock supercharger comes with fitment issues in case they were thinking of going that route. Once more thank you for all the great work you and your crew did to my vehicle.
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Blown out of proportion?

Good morning folks......Well Manny is a little unhappy with me for posting the photos of the poor caulking application around my hood heat extractor outlet screen. I want everyone to know I do not want any reinbursement or compensation of any kind from Dasilva Motorworks. As I said before the extensive work done to my vette by Manny and his crew was outstanding from the great fit and finish of the wide body quarter panels and rear spoiler to the fantastic CCW wheels and z06 brakes. The only issue I have is with the fitment of the hood and the caulking job. I take the blame completely for this by not going to the shop and looking at the car before it was shipped to me in Halifax.
What I would like to have is a solution to this problem, it appears it is not an easy fix or I'm thinking it would have been corrected before it left the shop.
Manny has said he will find a solution for the problem when I take the car to his shop for a visit, well that isn't going to happen, just to far away, That is why I had it shipped up and back in the first place.
Does anyone know if MCM makes a hi rise hood that would fit over the Edelbrock supercharger. At this time I'm thinking of selling the hood and getting a hood that fits rather than trying to modify the hood and/or SC
I have looked for the MCM address but can't seem to find it anywhere.
I will keep you all posted with my progress, hopefully everything will be rectified by next summer and I can win a couple of those "two dollar" car show trophys.
By the way the "exterior" of the hood looks fantastic.
Cheers, Paul C.
Any manufacturer, that is doing its homework, would test fit their hoods on different applications and be able to tell you what the hood will and won't fit. Templates from fender to the other would soon tell them what will interfere and what won't. If they can make cabon fibre molds, then they can surely make a few templates. It's not rocket science. If a guy is buying a $4k+ hood, then odds are pretty good that he might just be doing other mods such as a blower. Personally, I would make sure that the hood was going to fit my application before buying it. If the manufacturer doesn't know then I would just pass.
Thanks keith, I think you hit the nail right on the head, maybe the right questions were not asked before the purchase. Water under the bridge, now I just have to forge on and make it right.
MCM Hoods are HIGHLY desirable and nearly as rare as hens teeth from my understanding. I don't know the story but the owner passed away which halted production, then it was taken over by another person and they continued their excellent product but I think there were other issues/delays so they closed again. I am not sure if they are back up and running again but let me say from everything I've seen in the C5 community (and probably C6) those are one of the absolute best hoods you can buy. You should have no trouble selling it and finding a hood that fits if you can't get your car back to Manny. I am confident from seeing Manny's work over the past 4 years that he'd have it up in tip top shape if he could see your car again.
Thanks Guys.... I really love the MCM hood and I hope I dont have to replace it with a new one. I am sure I will get it all sorted out. I will keep you all posted on the results of any modifications that are done.
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