In STOCK, as in factory built form, neither would come close to those numbers. A fair bit of massaging there I would say. Charlie, a guy I worked with, bought one of these '71 ls6 Corvettes new. I never saw the car but he went into great lengths describing it and the one thing that stuck in my mind was when he said about the aluminum heads. The light went on. LS6. He was a tool and die maker in the old Oshawa north plant and I was moved out to the south assembly plant in 1976 so had no more contact with him. I have no idea what became of the car.
Some interesting, if not confusing info on the Hemi engine.

Some more honest and interesting info.
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Good reading there Keith. Just confirms the RWHP number my 383 produced. 267 RWHP is a pretty good number for a mild 383 through an old TH400 running full accessories.
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