Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
I was at the local Peterborough Cruise tonight and was looking at a friend's black 2002 Mustang. 8,000KM on the car when he bought it. The car had two pages of modifications including a Kenne Bell supercharger setup. Whose name was on the sheets but Manny Dasilva. What a nice, clean conversion. It looked factory fresh. I think I know where I will be going if we want any major modifications done to our car.....Breslau. ;)
I don't like you guys out in Ontario.:D

That's not jealousy coming out at all!:rofl:

We are super proud to have Manny on our forum. I just wish this country was smaller so we could all experience a visit and have a trusted place to get our cars worked on.
It seems that Joe Dasilva's shop is no slouch at building drag cars. A guy I know has a hemi Cuda. He had Joe's shop do up a '69 Fairlaine drag car and it runs within three tenths of the hemi car and is running a done up 351. These Dasilva guys seem to be naturals. If Manny runs out of hats that fit, I will bring him a big one for the show next May. ;)
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