How about Lindsay airport instead of Peterborough for lunch either Wed. or Thurs. this week depending on weather. I'll fly down from Midland.
Dale and I stopped in to see how Doug was doing and caught him working.:eek: Been there ourselves when building our place and can identify. You get the place closed in and the work is just beginning. You are going to be a busy boy this winter but it is going to be a pretty nice place when done. Josie looks right at home already. Beautiful lot. :)
Thursday it is then in Lindsay around noon. See you there weather permitting the flight
We can certainly go by his place after our 1:00 pm lunch on Thursday. From Lindsay across highway 36 to Bobcaygeon, east to Buckhorn then back down towards Gannon's Narrows where Doug's new house is. The trees should be colourful. We saw some wild turkeys on Doug's road the other day. Something to consider.
What a nice lunch and bunch of car guys, no ego's just car guys enjoying their cars.
I missed Buckhorn 76 though

:agree: It was a great time, when Keith gets the pictures up there are good shots of Terrys Plane and the group and the fine rides trhey came in.

:agree: I also missed Doug today aka buckhorn 76 he is a great guy and a class act.Doug is busy with the house build or i know if he could he would have been with us.

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