Check this inexpensive LS setup. Sinister 5.3 Twin On3 70mm's Street Driving Video - Page 3 - Chevelle Tech
guy with some smarts and fabricating ability can have super performance for not much money spent. I don't know who copied who but Sinister's engine and the one in the magazine article are quite similar other that 4.8 versus 5.3. This guy too runs 25 PSI boost and something like 13 degree of spark advance and it just seems to work. Sure are tough little devils. No wonder Manny isn't afraid to supercharge them.
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Awesome article. The LS truly is a work of automotive art...and a hotrodder's dream. The final numbers on that poor little 4.8L is staggering!

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could be an inexpensive way to power a bracket car with carb and stand alone ignition. i assume mounts or a plate would have to be fabbed when swapping out from a gen 1. any one know if a th trans or a glide will bolt up ?

Yes it can be done :D
I think Doug's gears are turning and his ears are perked up. ;) Old school car, new school power perhaps? I think LS power in and old Chevelle would be a lot of fun. There are getting to be a lot of LS powered cars coming out to cruise nights. Aftermarket mounts and headers seem to be available for these swaps. GM has four barrel intakes for the old School guys and I imagine some of the aftermarket outfits like painless probably have plug and play electronics. HMMMMMMMMM.
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