Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
Hello everyone!

I posted my intro in the new members forum, I need some guidance regarding the lower front spoiler on my C6.

I just bought it about 2 weeks ago, and now getting ready for storage the meantime, I noticed that the lower front rubber spoiler scrapes the ground a little too often for my liking.
I don't have a sloping driveway...not at all...but backing out it scrapes. Going over speed bumps too...and really any dip in the road while driving I'll hear that scary scraping sound.

Is this normal? I get that over speed bumps I have to drive curving over them but this overall does seem a little much. What do you guys do about this? If anything...

I'm considering even removing it...but does it serve a real purpose and as such 'shouldn't' be removed?

Am I just being paranoid? I mean it is scraping....and I'm worried that in time the stress of the scrape will start to affect the front section in some way.:(


Thanks in advance....:canada:

My brother Terry's C6 (06) does the same thing and seems to be normal for the car. He's very careful going up and down driveways etc and now has gotten used to not scraping.

You really don't want to remove it since it's an integral part of air movement under the car and up into the engine area for cooling.

The noise sounds much worse than it really is.

As Colin said , it's normal for the plastic under spoiler to rub on just about everything . Its nothing to be worried about :D
In the 2005 owner's manual, page 2-20, it says that the road contact is normal. These things are flexible so they don't break too readily. The three pieces are about $100 in the catalogues so a person could put new ones on every couple of years I suppose. You pretty well have to get down on your hands and knees to see them so I don't pay much attention any more. You soon learn where you can and can't go and the scraping becomes pretty minimal. We have a gravel drive way and I had to rake some of the crown off of it to avoid scraping. Even having the car an inch higher would help. There is a fine line being mister race car and totally impractical.
Steamer is right. My C5 used to scrape periodically but now that it's lowered it scrapes on just about everything, no matter how careful I am. It sounds worse then it is.

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Before I lowered my car about 1/2" on the stock lowering bolts, my car didn't scrape too much, but since I lowered it, it scapes on everything. I don't worry about it, but I just try to be extra careful.
Are you the original owner of the car? If not, then it's possible the previous owner lowered it as Steamer mentioned
Good morning David,

Like the boys have said, this is completely normal. I guess we'd like it to be doing this to help evacuate air from under the car at speed to help it stick to the ground??

You learn to start doing things like every rise and fall in the ground you see, like going into gas stations and so forth you take at 45 degree angles, this is about all you can do.

And as been pointed out, I know some people that replace this piece every year - a bit too fussy for my tastes though.

Enjoy the car!


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mine scrapes too. it will even take out a gopher on all 4's on the highway at 75 mph. lol
I don't really have anything to I do know they are on there to create a vacuum behind the air damn so that it helps pull air through the radiator. Some people take these off and don't have issues. I'll keep mine on and scrap by.
David, just a thought. Maybe, just maybe the previous owner might have had the car lowered. That might account for the car scraping so much. My 2006 doesn't do this at all and I've had it in places it should have. Again just a thought.
maybe Manny can tell you what the "stock" ride height should be and you can go from there, sure seems to me that a lot of the cars are lowered... I weigh 250# so the last thing I will do is lower 1 if I ever find a C6 for a garage buddy 4 my '65 ... Rob
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