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Jan 11, 2009
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Loads of bug fixes and updates today.

1. Beta launch (to the Beta testers) of our User Profile and Thread Cover feature. This will permit users to style their individual profile pages, their member cards (the card that shows when you hover) as well as threads. Check out the Beta thread for some early screenshots. There will be lots of customization options including Preset cover images (for your generation of Corvette for example), ability to upload a custom image, ability to reposition custom image, ability to set custom colour instead of image and much more.

2. Trending threads are back now, select Trending under the Forums navigation item (default homepage). Trending now has lots of new options (new Filter bar to filter threads for example) and a better algorithm to bring trending threads to your attention.

3. Our reactions (likes) are now more responsive and scale better to different sized screens

4. Loads of bug fixes I won't go into.

As always feedback welcomed.

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