im in desperate need of a 4+3 4speed shifter for an 84 ,anyone got one out there ,thanks larry
Just wondering as the manual trans side is exactly what you think it is. A four speed transmission. On the back of the 4 speed is an automatic transmission that switches between high and low giving you the +3. So if your tranny shifts alright than the 4 speed side should be ok. If it doesn't shift gears but the transmission still goes in high and low in a gear than the automatic side is ok. If nothing works, you may just need a whole new unit. I'm not sure how available these units are as they were only used for a few years. Hopefully someone here can hunt one down for you. I'm assuming other options include going to a 6 speed out of a later C4 but I may just be making things up.
the problem is the shifter itself locks up in reverse,ive yooken the shifter out and its still stuck in reverse,i can manualy shift gears via the linkage bars but if i free up the shifter as soon as i put it back in and pop it in reverse the shifter locks again
Interesting. So you can change gears by moving the linkage rods but when you try using the shifter it locks in reverse? Mmmmm...very interesting. I'll have to think about that one. Are the bushings good? I'm sure you've looked for a rebuild kit for the shifter? I'll try to ask around.

Ahhhhh Hahahahhaaaaaaaaa! I just got it... Your original post is asking for a shifter....and I went all transmssiony on you....I should have read better.
ok i got it out of reverse by kinda rocking back and forth while poping the clutch,could this be my linkage causing all this grief ,and if so how hard is it to change the linkage bars
Not too bad. I've only done this on my Chevelle but I imagine it should be the same. Do the bushings look alright? You may need to change those and I believe I was recommended to stay away from the brass ones as they can crack and fall off. Ultimately it would be best to set everything up using rod ends but that would take some work.

If you do take off the linkages, just note what goes where, the length of it and if you adjust them, count the turns so you can get it back to the original setting if needed.
well it looks like my shifter was fine,the teflon bushings on the reverse forks are toast so the cars off to the tranny shop for repair :swear:
Might as well look at some carbon blockers and some other upgrades if you can!! Just my 2 cents.. Ur ripping in to the tranny anyhow so why not?
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