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Sep 29, 2013
2002 Convertible
I am looking for a good C5 Cover (2002) for the summer and winter. I do not want to buy on line because I want to feel the product. Bought one from CoverKing on line for $ 400.00-- Sent it back because it was not the quality I thought it should have been for the price. I am in Toronto but will travel if need be.
Welcome to the forum Rick! I think I got the same cover you originally purchased. It is supposed to have a micro fibre base material but feels more like a nylon jacket. I called and asked about it and they said it's there so I continued to use it as I really like that the material is waterproof and not just a coating that will wear off. I haven't noticed any damage to the paint yet, however, I would be extremely cautious about using this on a darker color. I bought a second cover for my second car. I believe it is a Covercraft with the Noah material. I really, really like this cover. It is thicker and much softer on the inside than the other one. However, as you would like to feel the inside of it before purchase, I think that is a good idea. If you were closer, I'd let you look at the Covercraft cover.
I bought mine from Ecklers 8 years ago and it is still soft and fits great.
I have a place in the 1000 islands NY area where I ship things from the statesI am going next week to get some US stuff , if you order one I can get it for you.
You will pay HST but no duty.
Ecklers ship fast

I got mine form Car Covers Direct. It is a NOAH Dustop, part # Part # C15495TS. I have been very happy as it fits well and really does a nice job of keeping the car protected in the garage during the winter. My main concern is dust. Nothing gets through.
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