Now that has got to be the biggest collection of butt ugly car mods I have ever seen on Corvettes.
I am feeling a bit sick right now, please pass a bucket to me so I can be sick :ack:

You have to love the red car with dual gauge pods for driver and passenger, I guess so they can watch
the fuel to air ratio too :banghead:

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WTF????????????.........I guess there are misfits in every hobby!
As ugly as they are,i got a good laugh out of them!Some peoples idea of tasteful is just wrong.
ok the one with the stacks was a riot but really... what about the 4 door c3??? sorry what was I thinking :ack:
I don't feel very well anymore...I think I will go home. I have no words for some of those words at all.
the 1978 25th Anniversary limo was used at that movie with Ben Stiller...Mystery Men...

Pretty sad indeed
I hope I don't start having nightmares again and subconsiously start going to to the dark side!
Those things have to be from Mars. I'm thinking they couldn't possibly be created by anyone on this planet.

Could they?:confused:
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