Jan 25, 2009
73 Corvette Coupe
Well it has been an interesting 2 months. I now live on an acreage out of the city that I own(well the bank does anyway) and I am married. So besides the moving, unpacking, and wedding crap I didn't even have internet until this week. So hopefully now I can at least keep in touch. Maybe make it to a few meet ups, although it is alot further to go now. I snapped a few car pictures in front of its new house and the awsome sunset that I get. I will post when I get a chance.


Hello again!

Wow. It feels like it was only yesterday that I saw you...oh wait! It was! Once again, thank you very much for letting me set up my portable garage at your acreage so I could store my Corvette out there.
Well as promised:




It is nice having a shop!

37 Acres of land, 20 or so are alkali slew mud. Shop is 36'x36' w 12' roof, heated. Garage is 2 car (about 20 x 24). House is 955sq ft w/ finished basement.

Notice the order i listed them in. The reason I wanted this place wasn't for the house, but it is a pretty good house too.

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