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Nov 29, 2018
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List of components, technologies, and configurations of the Mid Engined Corvette
How about we generate a numbered list of observed known and identifiable components, technologies, and obvious configurations that we can glean from these leaked CAD views.
Here's a start from some of my own thoughts and of other posts on the Code Name Zerv thread. I am crediting the forum member after their comment with their call name in parentheses. If anybody see's something wrong, please advise and we can adjust and/or add further info when we receive new information. I'm also including a new predictive feature determining whether each observed element is a Base or Optional feature.
Any comments ending with a ? are a potential feature.

1. A world class super car not constrained by entry level materials to keep cost down but instead GM giving us the latest and greatest technology both while composing the chassis & body and while selecting interior material and then charge your customer for what you have built. (JoeC5)(Vetteman41960) Optional
2. A no-compromised super car with the best material and technology available. (Vetteman41960) Optional
3. This mid-engine car will be another model (ZORA).. separate from the C7 and its successor C8. (MikeG37)(LT1 Z51)
4. We evaluate engine placement as not ALL Corvettes necessarily need to be front-engine cars. Front engine still remains the best balance, best optimization of what we feel the car needs to be. (JoeC5)
5. He used the word "all" and not "the". I take that to mean that in a future Corvette offering, that not every Corvette will be front-engine configuration, or that every Corvette will be a mid engine configuration, but that there will be multiple engine placements available to chose from. (JoeC5)
6. That's one reason I'm inclined to believe that a front engine and a mid engine Corvette will be offered at the same time, as two distinct model formats. (JoeC5)
7. DCT Automatic only (shift by wire) ZF but possibly Tremec. (RedLS6) Base
8. Magneto Rheological Engine mounts and Coil Over Magneto Rheological Shocks. (Firebirdfan)(Skank) Base
9. Space Frame Chassis has front and rear subframes. (LT1 Z51)(Shaka) Base
10. Both Front Headlight and Rear Tail light assemblies have wrap around design to eliminate side marker lights. The rear air diffusers on the photo of the rear fascia wrap around the corner, while the diffuser in the CAD photo do not. (JoesC5)(bigblock427)(FrankLP) Base
11. Three longitudinal layout engine configurations, 4.2L DOHC Two Stage Twin Turbo Charged V8, Gen6 LT7 5.5L DOHC Two Stage Twin Turbo Charged V8, New Gen6 LT2 6.2L OHV V8 as base engine. (Firebirdfan)(Iker)(LT1 Z51)(Elegant)(SBC_and_a_stick) Base and Optional
12. Integrated Intercoolers. (Downhil) Optional
13. Advanced high-pressure die-cast aluminum or magnesium structural ribbed chassis stiffeners, struts, and brackets. (Skank) Base
14. Adaptive Aerodynamics or Active Aero as indicated in Patent Application and Zerv leaked CAD views of underside hinged flap shutter panel. (Elegant)(CorvettoBrando) Optional
15. Active Aero Front and Rear to be moved by electric motors, not hydraulics or pneumatics. Electric motors react quicker and are lighter. (Elegant) Optional
16. DRS(drag reduction system) Vents to close off at higher speeds? (Skank) Optional
17. Brembo Carbon Ceramic Disc Brakes with 5 Lug nut forged wheels. (Skank) Optional
18. Dual Layer Designed Symmetrical Forged wheels. (Skank) Optional
19. One Large Center and two flanking corner Front Fascia vents to cool rear mid-engine configuration cooling system. (Skank) Base
20. Coupe Targa Configuration same as current C7. (possible folding hardtop convertible) (Skank) Base and Optional
21. Cast A-Arms. (Skank) Base
22. Tubular factory short headers instead of cast exhaust manifolds possibly in Inconel. (Firebirdfan)(LT1 Z51)(Skank) Optional
23. Dual Fresnel Tail Light Technology like the C7. (Skank) Base
24. Higher Carbon Fiber Body Panel Content. (Skank) Base and Optional
25. Side Rear view Mirrors appear to be able to rotate in out of the way. (Skank) Base
26. Dual Bubble roof shape. (Skank) Base
27. Precision Smooth Cast Alloy Intake Runners from Air Box to Two Stage Twin Turbochargers. (Skank) Optional
28. Massive Throttle Body on Push Rod Engine. (LT1 Z51) Base
29. Upper front arms look to be similar to C7 with trunions. (Firebirdfan) Base
30. Lower front arms look to be similar to C7 with camber eccentrics. (Firebirdfan) Base
31. Rear subframe is HUGE and is a mix of cast parts and welded tube. (Firebirdfan) Base
32. Engine has alternator relocated. (Firebirdfan) Base
33. Not sure what the upper-right accessory pulley is for. Upper left is water pump, lower right is AC. (Firebirdfan) Base
34. Oil filter looks easy to get to. (Firebirdfan) Base
35. Oil cooler clearly shown above filter. (Firebirdfan) Base
36. Half-shafts look to be the "bolt on flange" style (no draining trans to remove shafts). (Firebirdfan) Base
37. Transaxle is BEEFY. (Firebirdfan) Base
38. Giant flat space above transaxle is more than likely for intake box/filter. (Firebirdfan) Base
39. Frame looks to be similar to C7 with giant hydroformed rails (probably still aluminum) Hopefully with a fixed roof it'll be stiffer. (Firebirdfan) Base
40. Brake rotors are 1 piece. Calipers are MASSIVE. (Firebirdfan) Base
41. Side skirts are mechanically fastened just like C7. (Firebirdfan) Base
42. Brake ducts clearly shown on front. (Firebirdfan) Base
43. Rectangular Shaped Steering Wheel. (DanSavage) Base
44. Looks like it will have adjustable suspension(Front axle lift system) gaging by the pneumatic or hydraulic line apparently emanating from the bottom of the LF shock/spring assembly. I assume this because the brake line and ABS speed sensor wire are also visible in the same view...this and zooming in on the bracket that these mount to on the frame indicates 2 significant hoses' hard mounting points on the frame where they will transition to tubing. (bub) Optional
45. It looks like a Dual Port and Direct injection system. (NoOne) Optional
46. High tunnel in the cockpit is for torsional rigidity, coolant lines, electrical bussing etc. (TNBUSA)(LT1 Z51)(RedLS6) Base
47. Shared central structure with the FMR base car. (LT1 Z51) Base
48. Spoiler is integrated and tacked on pieces. (Spy shot observation) Base
49. Rear brake ducts and/or vents from the wheel well to the rear bumper to reduce the pressure build-up in the wheel well.(NewYuriCity) Base
50. New "state of the art" paint shop to provide higher level paint quality. (Skank) Base
51. A Cadillac version further down the road. (JerriVette) Optional
52. Higher Quality Standards and higher Durability Standards. (LT1 Z51) Base
53. Rear spoiler actuator to be piston style electronic actuator ? (firstvettesoon) Optional
54. All-LED headlamps and tail lamps. (Speednet) Base
55. Digital Rear View Streaming Mirror/Camera on top of B pillar roof beam on hatch and centered for wide splayed view. Will require a flat screen in dash. (Elegant) (Skank)(RedDropTop) Base
56. Centerline Bookmatched Carbon Fiber Components since ZR1 already set the precedent. (Skank) Optional
57. Convertible version to have Retractable Hardtop ? (Skank) Optional
58. Lithium Ion Battery Option is at the front of car for ease of jumpstart and weight management of location. ? (Suns_PSD) Optional
59. Carbon Fiber Wheel Option ? (JerriVette) Optional
60. New Bowling Green Plant manufacturing Advancements(Skillet System)to accommodate both FE and ME identical wheelbase. (Elegant) Base
61. Possible use of AKC ZF rear wheel steering unit since GM now has it in use in the Cadillac ? (JoesC5) Optional
62. Solid Hardtop option (Bolted in roof panel like C6 ZR1) for the ultimate structural rigidity ? (Skank) Base
63. State of the Art Bose Panaray Sound System Option ? (Skank) Optional
64. Dual Rear Brake Calipers ? (Elegant) Optional
65. AEB (automatic emergency braking) ? (Elegant) Base
66. Back-up alarms ? (Elegant) Base
67. BSP (blind spot protection) ? (Elegant) Base
68. Plasma Ignition Controller ? (texel) Base
69. Corvette will use an advanced mixed-material approach for the lightweight body structure of the upcoming Mid Engined ZORA. (Skank) Base
70. The front hood is hinged from the back near the windshield for easy access to the frunk. (Skank) Base
71. The fuel door is on the driver side. (Skank) Base
72. The Frunk storage cavity will most likely have a premium quality soft luggage set optimized for the cavity shape. (Skank) Optional
73. The Height of car is approximately 48.5" ?? (Skank) Base
74. New Advanced Headlight and Taillight LED technologies. (Skank) Base
75. Standard narrow body in 2020 as the base model ZORA (Skank) Base
76. Wide body higher performance version in 2021 as a mid-level model ZORA. (Skank) Optional
77. Wide body top performance version in 2022 as a top level model ZORA. (Skank) Optional
78. FCA/FCW e.g. frontal collision avoidance/warning. (Elegant) Base
79. Electro-Hydraulic Braking Assist? (Elegant) Base
80. New ZF Steering Damper to integrate into ZF System? (Elegant) Base
81. Swan Style(Aston Martin) upswing Doors to eliminate hitting curbs.(Ltomn) Base
82. Large full rear hatch with separate Storage compartment within engine compartment? (Ltomn) Base
83. Cosworth to make heads for the 4.2 and 5.5 V8's. (fasttoys) Optional
84. Possible electronically actuated manual transmission? (sunsalem) Base
85. Potential Hybrid Drivetrain technology as indicated in GM Patent? (Darion) Optional
86. Left and right hand drive for all markets worldwide for C8 ME ZORA and C8 FE. (Skank) Base
87. Potential of all wheel drive since GM has trademarked Sport Control AWD? (Jeff V.) Optional
88. Potential of ZF Electronic "Brake By Wire" System? (Elegant) Base
89. The Vent material and color palette will follow the C7 formula. (Skank) Base


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Sep 23, 2018
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That is a very thorough list of potential mid engine components. Thanks for all your extensive research!

Welcome aboard to the forum.


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Nov 29, 2018
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You're Welcome. It's fun to join my Northern neighbors. That list was gleaned from the famous "Code Name Zerv" leaked CAD screen shots and the resulting 36 page Thread on CF down in the States. That list is the largest compilation of everything we know about the ZORA. It'll be fun to see exactly how accurate it will be when we finally get to see it revealed !
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Jul 1, 2017
Some of the things on the list are refinements that many hoped would be in the C7 or possibly the later models as the generation evolved. Which may yet happen if the 2 generations are indeed produced side by side. That side by side production statement usually gets some riled up. 😂
One of my biggest disappointments on the C7 (there are very few disappointments by the way) is the infotainment center. Compared to the layout and functionality of the Dodge systems I’ve seen Corvette really dropped the ball on it.
How many times has Apple car play simply decided to stop working where it had to be re-paired right from scratch....2 twice out of 2 times last year. 😂
The other is the safety features. Especially the blind spot detection. The automatic braking and stuff I can live without in a sports car; but the blind spot on my car almost sent me into the side of a stealthy little SUV last summer. Ya maybe my mirrors were not set perfectly but still it sure would benefit a Corvette. I really got used to it in the wife’s Cadillac so maybe was spoiled a bit. When driving my H1 I don’t need it... they just move out of the way if I don’t see them.
I am definitely looking forward to the tech advances on the C8.
As far a performance and chassis go... I’m super confident that in a year or so they will have a configuration that will impress me just as much a my C6 and C7 Z06s did. Out of the box, for the money I can’t complain one bit.

We are happy to have you here. Lately quite a few of our Southern cousins have poped up here and are quite active on this forum.



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Nov 29, 2018
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Thanks Derek ! We'll try our best to contribute. Both C8 ME ZORA and the new C8 FE Stingray, Grand Sport, ZO6, and/or ZR1 will happen from my sources, intel, and own thought process. It only makes sense since they tripled Bowling Green from 950,000 sq. ft. to over 3 million sq.ft. They would and should never relinquish 65 years of front engine chassis experience by walking away from all that knowledge base. Having both configurations will make both collectively better.
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Jul 1, 2017
I believe the FE will continue as well. I sure hope it does.
There is a great deal of polarized opinion on this subject and many debates as a result. 👍


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Nov 30, 2018
It certainly makes good business sense for the front engine Corvette to continue along with the introduction of the mid engine version. After all, it has been one of the longest surviving monikers in the auto world as well as having made a ton of money for GM. I cannot imagine them casting it off simply because the long desired ME surfaces. A mid engine vehicle is not a touring car as is a GT (the C7 is such a car).

I just watched a GM video about the introduction of the C5 and the engineers made a big deal of showing what a great "everyday" vehicle it could be. They went so far as to show a few bags of groceries in the back. At one point in the video a woman was stacking multiple bags in the rear. This is not going to happen in a mid engine car, I'm afraid.

Let's all hope that the front engine model is maintained and upgraded. Look at the Ferrari front engine models! They are the most expensive cars they make in most instances.

Tally ho!!
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Like Zora has stated a few times, wait and see. Whoever his source(s) are he seems to know more than he is letting on. I can see a scenario for the FE C7 continuing on a for a while until the ME C8 is more accepted by enthusiasts. I can also see why GM would drop the FE C7 in favour of producing only the ME C8. I am trying to patiently wait for the reveal; the sooner the better, IMO even if I am quite content with my C6.
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