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Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
My wife and daughter came down for a visit and a race this weekend. Leeann had a 1/2 marathon and Cleo had a 5 km at Hines Park in Plymouth, MI. So proud of them! Leeann was sub 2hrs, finished 9th for her age and this was Cleo's first competition and finished 4th.
Anyway, once the girls recouped we headed to LPS for their car show. The timing couldn't have been better as all proceeds were for breast cancer awareness. What a collection! Hypercars, supercars, one offs, so many fantastic cars! Ken Lingenfelter himself would walk around the crowd, answer questions, sign autographs and more importantly start up a few cars including an Enzo Ferrari, a Lamborghini Reventon, a heavily modified C6 encased in a C2 shell and even let a little boy sit in a Bugatti Veyron!

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Congratulation to your girls. Well done.

Some great photographs from the car show. That redo of the Pontiac style Formula car brought back lots of memories of one of my favourite cars, my 1971 Formula 400.

Great stuff. Thanks.
Wow Justin, that was quite a visit.......congrats to the gals for their performance, and thanks for posting a terrific collection of cars.....

Love the C7 that Cleo is posing in front of. Beauty ride.

My pleasure sharing. I have more pictures, it just that the Wi-Fi at the hotel is less than ideal. There's some really nice Vettes and more.

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