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Nov 17, 2011
British Columbia
2000 C5 Coupe
Hey guys,

we did a group by with the BC Corvette Club with LG which decided for me to buy my headers earlier then expected. We started late last night and was finished early today. Went very smoothly except once we started it up.

We did:

- LG Motorsports Super Pro headers
- NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs
- MSD Plug Wires

Current Mods:

-Vararam Intake
-B&B PRT mufflers
- *NOW* LG super pros

Basically what happened was we got the code reader and it was telling us that we were getting a misfire in 4 and 6, sometimes in 5 or another number. The hesitiation was really bad. Air Pump didnt line up on passenger side at all so we took the relay out. Swapped the coilpacks to see if that was the issue and it wasn't. Tried switching the new wires we got and wasnt that. Tried switching spark plugs and it wasn't that either.

We were thinking with the different location of the front O2 Sensors being further down compared to the stock manifolds it was sending wrong info to the PCM? Maybe just needs a tune?

Also we closed off the Air pump flanges on the LG headers. Air pump system is completely disconnected and plugged up (just in case) Would it be because the AIR system isn't hooked up that is causing this rich running and misfire? I wouldn't think it would cause that?

Thanks for any input and if I missed any information let me know so I can fill you in. Really bummed my weekend out with a car meet tomorrow that I'll be missing out on :(


Figure out the problem. O2 sensors switched around. Hesitation/studdering is gone. Just waiting on a computer to see if the misfire is still there. Doesn't feel like it after the test drive but we'll see.
Very interesting!!!! Wish I read this thread earlier. I'm sure if Manny sees this thread he could give some insight, or send him a PM. Glad you got it figured out. Do you have any pics of the install? What was the most difficult part? I would like headers some day as my final mod but am unsure of the install. Any info on the install would be great!
Good to hear you got it figured out , but all you needed was a call to me and I would have helped you through it .

Also I could have done the group buy for you guys as we are their biggest dealer in Canada , so I would have gotten you guys a better price .

Many guy's cross the o2's when doing their first headers , so your not the first to make that mistake :rofl:

The plugs should actually be gapped to .035 .

If you need any help , just call Mike :canada:


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