This car has no miles which might ad some value but I have seen several on the internet for sale for well less than $25k. They haven't held their value very well and The newer cars will blow them away. From the money he is wanting, you could buy an awfully nice, newer ZR1 and all the improvements that have come along with them. I dare say that the guy would be lucky to get much more than $30K for the car. You have to look at all the alternative available for that kind of money.
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I think this car might be the real deal. If I'm not mistaken not too long ago the same car was up for auction in the States and couldn't get 50k US for it. Someone then bought it and is trying to sell it here, I actually called the seller up when the listing first came up they didn't have a price. My Corvette specs book also shows 448 cars in '95, but apparently #447 this car was the last sold to the public.
"They haven't held their value very well and The newer cars will blow them away."

For a Twenty Five year old Car, they have held up not too badly.

As far as Newer Cars Blowing Them away.

Motor Trend listed the C4 ZR-1 as 12.6 secs @ 117 mph for the Quarter

C6 Corvette, 12.6 secs @ 114 mph

C7 Corvette, 12.2 @ 117 mph

As far as Top Speed, the C4 ZR-1 still holds the 24 hr speed record at 175.885 for a 24 hour AVERAGE speed.
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