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Oct 30, 2013
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Someone mentioned the Kingston Corvette Mega Event coming up and there was a mention of what they thought was a typo in the latest news. Something about a Lap Around Lake Ontario. Not with this event of course but it is possible, we did it once and had an incredible day.

Started downtown Toronto early on a Saturday morning with the ultimate destination of Oswego, New York for the Supermodified races. Took the 401 to Shannonville to watch the road racers exercising their machines and themselves. Continued on the 401 to the scenic 1000 Islands Parkway on the edge of the St. Lawrence River to the Ivy Lea Bridge. Once across head south on Highway 81 to Watertown, N.Y. area or you could continue on to Route 104 but you would miss much.

At that point you could make a number of choices, the area is very historic and rural and simply beautiful for a relaxing drive. As long as you go west and south you cannot go wrong unless of course you drive into Lake Ontario!! At some point you will meet up with Route 104 that runs all the way to the Canadian border. Oswego is right on 104 and much to our disappointment the races had been cancelled due to rain, we never ran into a drop the entire day!

We continued on to Rochester, N.Y. where we stopped for gas at an old time place that advertised having the "Cleanest Washrooms in America" and by god they were right, spotless. It takes a bit of searching but you want to go north (past the river) in Rochester towards Lake Ontario and get on the Lake Ontario Parkway West. This is an interesting road, built for war time evacuation it sees very little traffic and yet all four lanes is in beautiful condition. If you time it right you get there when the sun is going down over Toronto which you can see on the horizon. Beautiful.

On this particular night we came across a car show in a small town, spent an hour or so looking at some really incredible cars. Continued on west on LOP which brings you essentially right to the border at Lewiston, N.Y. across the border and headed home on the Queen Elizabeth Parkway. Yes it was a long drive but with a couple of good friends we had a blast. You could make it a two day event and stop virtually anywhere along the route. Corvette roads indeed!! Worth a look.
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