They had one with a UK Police department too within the past few years. It is a good publicity move on their part as there hasn't been a Cannonball Run movie update in a few years nor have any appeared in any F&F movies to date that I can think of........

I'm sure it would cut down on stops at Tim's. Who would want to stop for coffee? You'd probably be begging other exotic drivers to go fast with the promise of just a warning, anything to be able to chase someone fast!

I'm happy with my new ex-RCMP truck at the moment!


Good morning Keith,

I actually think that this is a Lambo publicity stunt. The UK police car was given for a short period of time for some major photo op/political event so it was probably good mileage for them PR/advertising.

This is also not the 1st Italian car as maybe 4 or 5 years ago I remember the same type of thing in the news. The drivers got special high speed factory training and the gist was the highways being over run with exotic cars with drivers that would just leave the police in their FIAT patrol cars in the this was their solution, a partnership between the state and the Italian marquis of cars.

Can be sure it doesn't spend a lot of time in the drive through at Tim's or Starbucks!!!!


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