Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
My lady might not be a Shirley Muldowney but she handled the COPO and L78 cars pretty well. Her favourite game was surprising guys who would come up in the right hand turning lane hoping to pull a hole shot and get by a bunch of traffic. Didn't work. After all, all you had to do was keep ahead by a fender or so until the other guy stops for the parked cars. Women can be evil. ;)
Can you imagine the old folks homes in 15-20 years time when we are filling them up. We'll be fighting with the women over whether the TV in the lounge should be on NASCAR or Eleanor Burns Quilting. I can see it now. Retirement and old folks homes will never be the same again. It will be a darned sight livelier than euchre although some euchre players do get a tad boisterous.
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I had the pleasure of seeing Shirley Muldowney and Garry Beck run their top fuels at Cayuga way back when. She is quite the gal.
My son races the dirt track at Ohsweken Speedway. He has a couple of female competitors in his Thunder Stock class....and they do very well. Even more of them in the Mini Stock class. They all pull a great fan base and put on a pretty good show.
She drive's just like this handsome dude I know :rofl:
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Very cool Keith. :coolgleam:

I first met Shirley at the Indy Nationals when she was driving a twin engined Chevy dragster. Watch "Heart Like A Wheel" to get a good story on a part of her life.

Although the movie says otherwise I believe she got her top fuel license at Cayuga, if memory is correct it was signed by Garlits. Used to have photos of her running there, one day I'll delve into the big old storage container in the basement and see what I can find.

She had to go through at awful lot to race in a "man's sport" , NHRA certainly didn't cut her any slack.

Brian I was also there for Beck.
What about the John Force daughters?

Very cool video Keith!!

Ashley & Courtney Force.
I took this picture at the Scottsdale BJ last year

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