Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
can't get any pics to upload so i'll have to take the thousand word route. last night's bridgenorth show was the biggest i've seen, they ran out of places to put the cars. anyway last week there was a guy that brought a pro street amx, weiand 8-71 a pair of holleys, parachute, the works. we got chatting about nostalgia racing as we are both O.N.D.R. members and he said he would bring his shark next time and that it is faster than the amx. well y'all, what a monster. 468 big block, 16 inch mickey t drag radials, a ford 9 inch rear narrowed to 30 inches flange to flange !!! he originally got the car as a trade for a 4x4 blazer and found that the frame was too far gone, so he built a tube frame and went from there. with the exception of the paint he did the entire build himself, took six years. what a machine. who says ol' sharks don't bite ? :coolgleam: damn i wish my snapshots would load.
Larry and Lisa have the '60 Corvette and the red Thames. Larry's folks and Dale's folks were good friends in the old days. The Thames was the local mail delivery vehicle around Omemee in the old days. It can deliver the mail considerably quicker today. ;)

Wow that '60 looks really special -- Larry and Lisa must be very proud.

I'd like to hear and see more of the Thames if that's possible.

very much look forward to coming out to the show some day in Buckhorn .....building a cottage on Pigeon as we speak.....hope to catch you at the show some day buckhorn76.
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