I would love to have that, just so I could throw my keys on the table at a restaurant, then the ladies would see I have a Corvette, and they would throw themselves at me...uh, um, I mean, not like they don't already throw themselves at me...or is that throw up because of me...I can't remember.
I love the FAQ, "What If I Don't Know The Year Of My Corvette?"

I would recommend you sell it...lol


Holy crap! That is a FAQ!? I could see the odd person asking...no...no, I couldn't. Who does not know the year of their car? Maybe other FAQ's should include:

1:Where do I live?
2.What is my name?
3.What is that bright thing in the sky?
4.Why do I not float away when I jump?
5.Can I breath under water?
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