Nov 20, 2011
1993 40th Ani
Guys just another question while I get ready for summer, this might be fairly easy to answer.

When I Purchased my vet I only got 1 set of keys, just the Key fob and the ignition key. Never a door lock key that would work the glove box etc....

is it possible to get one made via the VIN number to the dealership. Just incase the battery in the fob dies
Well guys i finally got the key made. Was busy the past few months but got to it. The dealerships in canada were useless. First one dealer took all my info along with the VIN and said sure no problem, I can get the code and key made within a couple days.... Never heard back, called them and they stated never got the info.. OK gave it to them again... still nothing. Called a different dealer, said they cant help me as its an american car.

so lucky me, I live 30 mins from the US border and called Blade chevrolet, said come on in with ID and your registration, took 5 mins, made the key and it worked! perfect $15 later im happy.

The dealer said as for my ignition key i can just get it cut anywhere? doesnt look like it.
But I needed the doorkey, so worked out great.

But lesson learnt, dont deal with any canadian dealers.

PS Finally have car insured, weve had great weather here in Vancouver the past few weeks! WOHOOOO
Maybe US car's registries aren't available to Canadian dealers. Strange yes; who knows why?

Glad you got the extra key.
Enjoy the decent weather now it's finally here.

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