I figure GM really dropped the ball on this one. They are said to be building 69 and that is it. Actually, I think they farmed the build out to an outside company much like the Thunderbolt Fairlanes and '68 hemi Darts. Most of us will probably never even see one. Had they done the same as the first time, they would have sold hundreds if not thousands and we all might have had a chance to buy one or at least see one. They have the Camaro. They have the 427. They have the drivetrain. With that combination, you could probably build a race car, if you wish, for much less than the price of one of these from the factory. A stripped down 427 Camaro could probably sell for $40K or less. I'd certainly have one at that price even though the styling hasn't exactly done much for me. With that, you could at least buy something that was in the same spirit of the originals. It would be nice if GM was run by car people.
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