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Aug 1, 2013
2022 rapid blue
my car is on the for sale section and I have a great trade in price from a alberta dealer on a new C72015 order (he has allocation) and may visit this site so please do not let him know my trade in price is too high hahahaha

question what to do

1. I am old and have had health issues (non-brain related OK over time)

2. would go with 2lt non z51 and non mag ride and non carbon fibre so the price is retail about 69 tax paid all in so peanuts for difference and i like the options I have selected

3. paul has a nice 2005 DSOM and this would be orange as well

4. do not care for the c7 in this fashion

side markers only have one bulb
side looking towards front needs more curves like the GS
tires are not as good as my potenzas
carpet in rear seems cheaper
and other little things

5. so do I dump the GS and try the C7 or keep it

I know it is my decision but what is your input

Jeffer2013 or maybe 2015 :confused:
the problem with us giving comment/advice is that we will probably be more objective,
whereas you will be 'thinking' with your heart/emotions.
Can you think of the reason(s) why you are considering the change to the C7 ?

As a 2013 GS, you have got a pretty good corvette and lots of distance to be
covered before you need anything other than regular maintenance. I'm guessing
the dealer will likely discount the value of your trade pretty heavily.
Yes, the C7 is a fab vehicle, but......

Me, I'd stay put !! But.....your mileage may vary. [g]. Lets see what others say.

welland [ and the P car ].
finalized discussions about an hour ago

here is the deal so far

1. trade value is 54g on my gm order price on the build your vehicle pricing

2. trade applied to purchase price so GST is not paid on 54g

3. I also have gm card for 1500 (max allowed but must pay gst on this amount it comes off the total price)

4. 399 doc fee (rats)

5. tire tax and air conditioning tax

6. 500 deposit no refund

7. car should be here by april fools day

8. I also get back about 2200 bucks from the extended warranty I currently have and can apply that towards the total needed

9. and the total is about 70g with tax so I will pay about $12000 difference from my bank account

air enough I just need to confirm options and colour and then pay 1g and wait until spring,

oh my it now seems real

got the buyers remorse now

Have no remorse only anticipation Jeffer. Well thought out plan and although you have a beautiful car and I am sure you will miss it the replacement will be stunning.

Congratulations and really spring is not that far away.
decided to keep the 2013 GS in cyber grey

not enough difference to go ahead

not sure on the colour either

oil prices in the tank and dividend income will be cut

oh well,

it helped by saying the two choices were close, and I would not be gaining much

dealer will be upset I think the owner wanted my car for himself

later and thanks

Jeffer 2013
Your GS is very similar to mine.....but I think we have spoke of this before......wait for the c7 Z06...thats what im thinking
For sure u did the right choice in my opinion. I have a 2011 Grandsport and I like the looks way better then a regular C7.
The C6 GS can stand up to a base C7 nicely if you ask me.
You won't be disappointed sticking with your GS.
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