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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
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Drive. It is that time of the year when we can get out and enjoy our cars and the scenery out on the open road. Now xlr8r has raised the bar on these things with a great story and some incredible pictures. Sadly I did not have my camera but here is where we went.

Highway 118 west from Hailburton to Highway 11 north to Highway 141 west through the north end of the Muskoka Lakes to the Village of Rosseau. Highway 141, just south of Huntsville, is a beautiful drive, perfect for our cars.

The Village of Rosseau is a really pretty town, antique stores and an incredible General Store. I am sure there were some Corvette parts in there somewhere. Bakery, chip truck and a nice looking restaurant on the north side of the Village. Leaving Rosseau just for fun go a little past County Road 632 that goes to Port Stanfield and Port Carling to see the barn covered with old oil and gas signs. Neat place.

Back track to 632 south and as we discovered this road was just freshly paved. Sticky and fun, tight curves and short straights with not a whole lot of traffic. On to Port Sandfield, there is a really nice store with baked goods and ice cream just before the bridge. Park on the south side of the swing bridge and watch some liquid horsepower going through the narrows from Lake Rosseau to Lake Joseph. Some very fast boats on these lakes. Entertaining spot and a good chance to relax for a while.

Continue on south on 632 to Highway 118 West. Turn left and a short drive to the town of Port Carling.
Great shopping and restaurants in this little town that is very busy this time of the year. Drop by the locks on the north side of town and watch the boats go through. Lots of interesting sites and sightings!!

Continue on Highway 118 going East to Bracebridge. Much to see and do here as well. We dined at Swiss Chalet then home to Haliburton on 118.

The car ran perfectly (thanks Manny) and it was a enjoyable day spent with my wife.

My son has done this trip as well but he insists that it is best to do it clockwise rather than the way we went. He says the scenery is better. Maybe.

Many ways to head south and north from Bracebridge, you are about 10 minutes from Highway 11.

I am going to do this again and take some pictures and edit this post.

So where have you been and what do you recommend? By the way the whole day I only saw one other Corvette, a C5, and I got the wave. This past weekend on the way to Orangeville, six cars including a C7 and C1 passed and not one gave the wave. I guy in a Viper did however acknowledge my wave to him.

Drive safe and enjoy the summer and your car.
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Just finished the tour to Panoka and back. Unfortunately, Saskatchewan does not offer the best scenery..... Or should I say interesting scenery. There are some great parts with nice views over hillsides and valleys but nothing interesting like locks and almost nowhere is there a twisty section of road. Oh well, for now I'll just live through the other guys on the forum until I can find more interesting places to drive and talk about.
Great drive. Would love to see some pictures of it!

I hope to get one more nice drive in the books this summer.
Off to Sault Saint Marie this morning. My son has a football game up there tomorrow so my wife and I are taking the Corvette while the team goes on the bus. Heading up through Canada and probably back through the States. Never been before so we are looking forward to the drive and enjoying the scenery. Can't beat a good road trip.
2014 road trip. This is my lovely wife infront of Biltmore. We traveled to a few plantations, Williamsburg, Monticello and back home. Nice trip with a lot of history.

Well let me tell you about the route ......crappy GPS system lost a few times. ended up in the mountain on a single lane road. Learned how to use the system after that and it worked for me. I79, I77 and I75
Thought I would drag this one back up to the top again. If you want to see the beauty of fall in all its glorious colour in Southern Ontario take the drive in the first post this weekend.

Spoke to a lady who did it yesterday and she said the colours are stunning, deep purples and brilliant reds. The leaves on the Muskoka side seemed to have changed a little more than Haliburton.

Two areas of concern if you are heading north on Highway 35 north of Norland they are starting to repave the highway, no idea why it is in perfect condition. That part of the road has the two passing lanes north and south of Miners Bay and ends just south of Minden. I will try to find out its status and update later. Highway 118 between 35 and 11 there are two areas of bridge construction, no road issues but the sites are controlled by lights so that may delay and bunch of traffic a bit. If your car is really sitting on the ground watch out for strips fresh pavement, they were replacing culverts and a couple have a bit of a dip. I came across there yesterday, it was a feast for the eyes.

Supposed to be a beautiful weekend. Pack of the car with camera's, maybe sunscreen (you know the stuff you did not use this summer) and head north.

Have a great weekend.
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