Not enough of this being done. Not nearly enough. I think I remember seeing this video quite a while ago but not regarding isis. People like to recycle stuff with new names.
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It was interesting watch .I wish that North American never got involved in the Arab nations .It's a noble effort but a big tar baby that we will never win .No disrespect to our brave young men intended .

Yes they got what they deserved ,barbarians in the name of Islam I doubt that Mohammad is proud .
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Our son and son-in-law have been to Afghanistan a couple of times. It IS hell on earth, especially Kandahar.

My thanks to your son and son-in-law... and I know where you as parents have been in that as well. I served in Sarajevo and my son dealt with some hard times in Afghan, one being an ambush. My son returned with only the memory of 3 close friends that stood beside him. When something happened in Afghan, all communication was blocked, sometimes for days on end until next of kin was notified. I can't tell you how many times myself and my wife couldn't sleep, praying there wouldn't be a knock on the many times we heard a vehicle coming down the street at 3am, wondering if it would slow at our house. I am a grandfather to his daughter now; there is good.
Our son Dave earned the Medal of Military Valour for saving about 25 of our guy's lives. A couple of years ago a new, young officer started getting pretty officious in wanting the guys to sign their names to everything they did. Dave started adding the MMV CD to the end of his name. He has the right to do that. The young officer backed off, especially with Dave. I guess you EARNED that medal and this guy knew that he was dealing with someone a lot tougher than the average soldier. If you think you are tough, try climbing out of a LAV with the bullets and RPGs coming at you while you unjam the main gun. A lot of guys, including one from right here in the village also earned that medal.....posthumously. Keep all of them over there and all of us over here and let them have at it all they want. It's all they know. When we aren't there they just fight amongst themselves. It's just the way they are and we can't change that. Hate is all they know.
Allflash, Bluenoser and some others on here know what families go through and a person doesn't sleep very well when our lads were over there.
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Yes, Nick was one of the unfortunate ones too. The last thing you ever wanted to see was two officers pulling into your driveway. That was ALWAYS bad news. I met Nick's parents at the Omemee legion when they were dedicating the monument that was put up there in honour of Corporal Mark McLaren and Private Michael Freeman, two lads who were killed in Afghanistan just around Christmas time in 2008. McLaren earned the MMV as well.
Not enough of this being done. Not nearly enough. I think I remember seeing this video quite a while ago but not regarding isis. People like to recycle stuff with new names.

Looking at the news this morning might indicate that more of this action is on the horizon.
About time this ISIS thing was addressed and sorted out.

Last time I went to Kandahar on a deployment both my sons went at the same time. I am not sure how my wife did it being back here on her own. My youngest came home early after he tangled with an IED (he is fine now) and I have to tell you that was the hardest phone call home I ever had to make.

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