Ok Lets Keep This Topic Growing ... LOL.

2008 Z06 - 6 Speed Manual ....

2002 Convertible - 6 Speed Manual ....

1974 Coupe - 5 Speed Manual ....
When looking for a Corvette, number one on the list was the six speed. To Dale and I, half the fun is the horsepower and the other half of the fun is the stick shift. What the car was secondary. I'd really like to have another '69 Chevelle but with the LS power and six speed. That would be awesome. :)
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TH400 automatic with a 2400 stall speed TCI Breakaway converter.
Always a manual. Both the year round daily driver and the vette are manuals. And what makes it even nicer is that my wife does not like automatics. She says with an automatic there is nothing to do while she's driving.
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