Jr. Corvette
Jan 1, 2014
Calgary AB
77 Corvette L82
Hey guys thanks for all the knowledgeon this forum. I have another question for you. I had previously paiinted some parts then found that the colour I was using was victory red. I have a 77 and the colour of red for that year on the outside was medium red. So what's the inside colour called? I've been using dupli-colour GM originals. I they have one that's medium garnet red. Would that be it?
Ok, I found my '73 to '77 fact manual. JR, what does it say on the trim tag on the driver's side door jamb? If it is 722 than you have a leather interior in "Dark Firethorn Red". If it is 72C then it is cloth and leather in the same colour. Is your car's outside 72 Medium Red or 83 Corvette Dark Red; two reds were available in 1977.
Here's my interior.


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Some work to do there but it will be nice when done. Car looks well optioned. I see the horn button recall was never completed; it's still polished metal rather than red. They were recalled because of the glare from the metal would distract the driver.
Haha really? Oh that's neat. Ya I found it's 722 interior trim. Do you know where I can get paint for that. Btw the second is the finished without a aftermarket radio that I put in later along with some box speakers I made.

Wow! Somehow missed the second picture. My apologies, very nice!

Try Corvette Central for interior paint. They're one of our sponsors on CCF.
Welcome Jr.,from your picture in post #10 your column doesn't look too bad. Is it just the steering that you want to paint. For the other interior components you want to use a dye. Check at NAPA and see if they carry SEM dyes in your Firethorn Red.......also, guard that horn bezel with your life, not gonna find another one of them too easily. Good luck.
Hey guys. Its been a long time. I managed to get some dye from a local corvette part dealer. The Firethorn isn't the same color. This red seems to just have been called red with a paint code. I've refinished most of the panels and have a picture of my restored steering column which I used the dye on and after rebuilding it just 14 times (after having horn issue) it is finished. I'm now rebuilding my rear end and doing a Fiero seat conversion. Thanks all for the help. I would be interested to hear what you all have been working on.


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Nice job, losing the Vega wheel makes all the difference in the world. The rear end will be a real learning experience, kind of a right of passage for C3 owners. I've got some small projects planned for the spring (replacing 1 year old fuel pump!!!!!, replacing 2 year old rear spring bolt rubbers!!!!!, installing retro sound radio/cd stacker). My car is kept in commercial storage for the winter......so I tend to pursue other interests in the winter.

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