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Jan 27, 2009
Sherwood Park
2001 Z06
About how long does it take to install a cam w/ springs, timing chain etc on a c5 z06?

just curious :)

i was looking at the G5X3 kit on their web site and I started getting "curious" :)

The web site says about $1600 USD... what should this run with the "nice guy price" here in canada?
Well look at it this way , are you doing it with the moter in the car or out to start with ? if keeping the moter in the car you need to take out the rad. to get acces to the front of the moter, remove the intake and heads, remove the water pump and then you have total acces. once you really start on it it goes fairly fast if you know what you are doing , if never done it before then i would say find someone to do it . it is a fairly easy job but will cost an arm and leg depending on the place you take it to get done and yes it will be in the thousand dollar plus range at a shop as they charge around $110.00 an hour on flat rate as well.
We usually charge $1500 for a cam & spring kit with timing chain . I do not charge any extra if we are doing the oil pump or roller rockers as we are there any way . My self and my tech do it in 1 day about, 10 hours.

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