Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
Over the last few years there has been a proliferation of plastic covered buildings. This winter, snow and ice has taken down more than a few. It has taken down a few conventional buildings too but these were usually old and compromised by water damaged from poorly maintained roofs. Built to code and maintained, very few conventional buildings go down. I had a plastic covered shed to keep a boat in. After about three years the stitching was coming out and the plastic was wearing through on the frame. I'd rather rent storage space than risk damage. A friend is waiting until spring to dig equipment out after it was buried under ice and snow when his shed went down.
Snow and Ice Damage - Roof Collapse | Hagerty Articles
It only took my portable sheds maybe 6 or 7 months to start shredding themselves. Plus, they added to a lot of corrosion on the cars as they trapped the Spring humidity inside the shed. At night, condensation would cover the inside of the tarp and the sun would melt it during the day and it would drip all over the cars. It was a waste and I'd rather have a $500 car cover and have my car outside than one of these things.
Pick a nice weekend..........bribe your buddies/family.........with beer and KFC and build it yourself.............save a bundle and do it right.

My son making sure everything is done right on this 22X24 with just over 9ft walls.

Gave my brother such a good deal on his vette he owed me a days work..........lol!!

Barely Flying and Me doing the important work.................grunt/gopher!!
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