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Feb 11, 2010
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I will apologize in advance for being vague.

My friend's son (who just turned 18) has recently been scouted by multiple racing series including NASCAR and things are starting to happen quickly.

The bottom line is we need a marketing/pr type that can take this #1 prospect from the minors to the majors and it takes sponsors/money/exposure/fans and wins to do it.

We are looking for someone with marketing experience who could play a variety of roles and direct all marketing related activities regarding the team including but not limited to:

* Sponsor relations and retention
* Daily/weekly updates on twitter/facebook/webpage. Exclusive pictures, interviews, inside look, video blogs
* Begin to expand a loyal fan base through the use of social media, exclusive access to car/team/interviews/q&a,etc
* Long term brand building for both driver and team
* Network at races, local charity events
* Build up exposure to team/driver in US markets

We just spoke briefly about this tonight so its still in the early stages.

If you know/are someone that fits the bill and can produce, please feel free to shoot me a message, even if its just to point me in the right direction.

I'm a bloody accountant not a marketing type, so forgive the lack of PR slang.
Would suggest that you contact race drivers who are currently racing for contacts to experts in the field of motor racing.
Thanks for the responses guys. I also thank those of you who messaged me.

The information has been forwarded appropriately. Thanks again.
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