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Jul 25, 2022
C7 ZR1
Hey guys. I imported a C7 ZR1 from the US. In order to pass the RIV inspection, I need to reprogram the way the DRL’s function.

On the USA cars, you can switch them “off” using the stalk switch. On Canadian cars, you cannot.

Has anyone dealt with this before? I’m guessing the dealership can do it, but my car is highly modified and tuned. I am worried if they re flash the car it will overwrite the tune. However, if it’s just a BCM setting, I assume them flashing the BCM will have nothing to do with the ECU tune.

Any help is appreciated!!
Please don't hold me to this as I've never done it but I seem to remember another member dealing with a similar situation a while back.

The C7 owner acquired access to a GM Tech 2 scan tool, or possibly a clone. This allowed him to select DRL enabled or disabled, so, effectively a software change. If it is an on / off selectable function it should not affect any other programming in the ECU. If you know someone with this scanner, and it works, you might be able to achieve your objective for a low, or no cost. If not, much as I hate to say it, a dealer may be your only option.

Best of luck
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