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Jun 8, 2012
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No Corvette :(
If your driving a rental car then get the $59 parking and park in the area I circled.

Leaving the event on Sunday is crazy... Gen adm parking can take 2 hours. Even the VIP $59 parking is crazy to get out if your far away from the few exits.

Even if someone tried to say park here drive by them and go as far as you can to the fence near the main road in. You will get out faster....

Now, the shuttles are good if you not driving.

Just a tip.

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I've yet to attend the Vegas NASCAR race but all my buddies that have gone there recommend the shuttle bus services.
Apparently the buses travel thru the Air Force Base bypassing all the highway traffic. From what I hear it's not cheap @
Good info Brian, thanks. It's definitely on my list.

So much to do and see in the area.

The main reason for not visiting there already is no longer a factor so now it's a viable possibility.
Freedom opens up all kinds of possibilities.:D

You will hear people at the airport after the race talking about how long it took to leave...... last year there was an fatality accident on I-15 ( not from the race ) and some said it took 3 hours to get back to Las Vegas.... 10-15 min route with flowing traffic.

Yes, the buses do have a better route. Most of the parking is directed to the freeway.

Richard Petty ride a long was cool... my brother bought me it.

My wife and I have been to the LV NASCAR race twice (2004, 2009).
The last time we went with another couple, and we stayed in Mesquite (1 hour north of LV).
We rented a car (4-wheel drive).
Yes, the parking lot is CRAZY.
But since we wanted to head north rather than south (to LV), and we had a 4x4, we just
drove to the north end of the lot, then over a few "berms" and ditches, and out onto I-15.

We have been to several NASCAR races....
Atlanta in 2000
Las Vegas in 2004
Daytona in 2007 (July race)
Las Vegas in 2009
Bristol in 2011
And we're going to Fontana (Los Angeles) in a week
And we're going to Fontana (Los Angeles) in a week

Isn't it stupid that the don't have Fontana the week after Vegas.... they make trucks drive all the way across the country..... and then all the way back for Fontana 2 weeks later.

Kinda crazy....

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