Feb 16, 2013
Oxford Mills, On
1981 C3 / 1988 C4
Here are the particulars.........

-'88 Z51 Coupe, 4+3 trans with just over 100,000 kms
-I have owned for 2+years, no codes have come on in that time
-car runs strong, fuel economy is around 10l / 100kms
-car starts right up when cold, takes some more effort when warm (2-3 sec)
-when I come to a stop, engine is around 1200 rpm, s l o w l y decreases to around 700-800. Even when slowing down, car will slow down to about 1100-1200 only.

I removed the MAF sensor and sprayed it with specific cleaner as per direction, no change.

PCV valve has been replaced, all hoses and vacuum lines intact and appear to be good.

Thoughts? Tips? Tricks?:confused:
My automatic '94 does the same thing. It takes a full stop to get the idle down to the spec of 700 to 800 rpm. Until then it's at about 1000 to 1100 rpm.

Also done the same maintenance as you and no change.

I'm about to read the link that Brian posted for more details.

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