Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
Well, after much discussion with quite a few people, it appears that the only
way I'm going to get what I want, is to order one.

I can't get a new one from any US dealer.
And, with our exchange rate today (10%) it will cost me more to get a US car anyway.

If I was to get one out of Alberta or Ontario, or wherever, I have to wait
for 6 months before I can register, license, and insure it in BC.
So I'd be looking at allocation delivery time (at least 6 months),
plus another 6 months before I could realistically bring it home.

And I can't find a used one EXACTLY like I want, anywhere.

So... I went to our local GM dealer, and placed an order.
This is BEFORE any imminent price increase... so still at today prices.
I hope to have the car by October.

And, in a couple of months I'll put the 2007 up for sale.
Of course, if anyone is interested in talking to me about it now.... we can certainly talk.

Thanks for all the support.


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If I get one out of Alberta/Ontario, I have to wait 6 months before I can register, license, and insure it in BC.:confused:

I went to our local GM dealer, and placed an order. This is BEFORE any imminent price increase... so still at today prices. I hope to have the car by October.

Statement #1 makes no sense :confused:

If you're hoping for OCT/'15 model...expect a price increase.

Congrats on the order.
After reviewing what I said (thanks to Jake pointing it out), I realize I
misspoke (political jargon).

No matter which province I buy a new car in,
I still have to wait till that dealer allocation happens for my order,
which is likely to be 6-8 months or more.

And there is no waiting time for me to bring (import) it into BC.
Once I have it, I can bring it in.

Now, since I am not a resident of the province I buy it in, I will have to pay
(of course) the GST. And, if that province has a PST, or combined HST,
then I must pay that tax too.
This is because the vehicle is being delivered in that province.

Now, when I bring it into BC, I must ALSO pay the BC PST.
Essentially I am "importing" the vehicle into BC.
Which in this case is 10% (BC PST is 7%, but on "luxury" cars (over $57K),
it is 10%).

If I could have bought it in Alberta, there would be no Alberta PST.
But I still would have had to pay the BC PST.

So, I am actually saving money by buying it in BC.
(Except Alberta, and in that case it is a "wash").

People who move from one province to another and bring all their possessions
with them, have a "one-time" exemption on paying BC PST on their goods.

I got all this from my Insurance agent/Broker.

And here is a link to the PDF document for BC which specifies all this....
Well Jake, I am only quoting from that PDF file from the BC Govt site...
If you are a BC resident and purchase a vehicle outside of BC and then bring, send or receive delivery of the vehicle in BC, you are required to pay PST on the vehicle, unless a specific exemption applies.
Congrats on the order (for a '15?) -- and I wish you luck on the dealer holding the price at today's MSRP.
AFAIK '15 prices will be announced in April.

In any case it'll be worth the wait.
Congrats, waiting will be killer of course. Can you provide some details as to what exactly you ordered so I can drool !:rofl:
Rocky and Cowtown(er),

2014 Triple-Black Z51 Convertible, manual Transmission, 2LT.
UY4 Nav system
Q7E Chrome Wheels
FE4 Magnetic ride (includes Perf Traction mgmt)
NPP Dual mode exhaust

And yes, I have (and had) many black cars.
That is insane if that is true that you have to pay the provincial tax in the province in which the vehicle is delivered AND your home province. Yuck! I almost barfed on my keyboard. :D
When I sold vehicles for a while, I believe if someone had a license(address) from another province, no provincial tax was charged because they didn't technically live in this province and use this provinces services.
To get around this, couldn't the dealer you purchase the car from just "deliver" it through a dealer close to you?
Look at it this way.
Suppose someone in another province buys a car.
They then pay the GST and PST on that car for their province.
So they drive it for a couple of years.
Then they decide to sell it.
And someone in BC agrees to buy it.
That is called "importing" the car in BC, and you have to pay BC PST on the value you paid.

This is exactly the same as buying a car out of the US.
(Which I have done 5 times).
Someone in the US buys a vehicle, and pays the Fed and State taxes.
They decide to sell it one or two years later.
I agree to buy it.
I have to pay BOTH GST and PST.
I know... I've done it 5 times.

But, I quit... I'm not going to argue with you guys......
I know what I had to do,
and I can read what that PDF file on the BC Gov't website says.
That is really interesting Ntm. I really want to look into this for Saskatchewan as that makes a lot of difference when buying a vehicle.

When I pulled my Corvette out of Vegas, I didn't have to pay any taxes down there, just the GST when I hit the boarder and PST when licensing in Sask. I've heard it depends on what State you purchase you car in as to whether they charge you tax. But it may also have to do with being a private sale?

But anyway, I totally understand why you want to purchase your car locally!!!
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