Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
I told myself and you fellow members that I wasn't going to drive my Vette until at least a couple more rains. Needless to say a folded like a cheap suit and drove it to work today.:driving: Why am I so weak?!:D
"The flesh is weak" my friend! I may have the same urges soon but for now still slush and wet streets plus all this freaking gravel!!

Your gravel, our salt ....... damn !!!!!! -- I noticed a fresh layer of salt on our local roads recently.:(

Someone screwed up big time. It's been nowhere near freezing here for weeks.

Today we're in for some rains and thunderstorms so maybe that'll clean it up (again).:confused:

I think the thunderstorms that are just about to hit will go a long way to clean up any salt.

I hope so Wayne -- and yes we got a good dowsing for an hour here yielding to sun now. The streets are clean again. I hope nobody has another brain fart and laces the streets again tonight.

Hope to hook up soon and hear about your 'exhausting' plans.:D

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