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Feb 11, 2009
I'd just like to thank Manny(Nasty98) for being a great help and a great guy! Friday night I went to his place to pick up an exhaust from Greg (NOT2MELO) expecting just to grab the exhaust but Manny was very friendly and enthusiastic as he worked on Greg's car I stuck around and watched. Then when he was done he offered me a very generous deal on throwing my car on the lift to put the exhaust I had just bought on.

Manny's a very down to earth guy and is one of the best mechanics I've seen, you can tell he has the passion in his work.

Thanks again Manny, and Greg for the exhaust. I had a smile from ear to ear as I drove up to the cottage at midnight that night :) (also passed the fiance test of no-drone :rofl:)
Jason , it was my pleasure to help you out Friday night .

Anytime you need a hand just let me know :canada:

Boys out West:canada: I will make a trip there sometime , just have to get a group buy and install going :D
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Found out about the "Manual" several years ago when I bought my C5---he is the only guy to touch her (besides me!!) Now that his car is togeather he can finally cruise as his car is a rolling showcase of what he can do with a vette!!:coolgleam:
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